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Do you experience this too with your pimples?

Are your pimples making you insecure?

Don't you hate it when you have a big interview, a night our with friends, or a date with a new lover planned and all of a sudden you spot a big pimple! 

You start to feel insecure and try to hide it with make-up but you know make-up will only clog your pores even more resulting in additional blackheads and zits. 

So what do you do now? 

Do you try to pop your pimples?

Please stop doing this. Popping your pimples with your hands only makes your skin worse, is unnecessary and painful.

It might look like a good solution but it is really not. You're not able to remove all the pus and you end up with more pimples and a red spot on your face.  

 Isn't there a better way? 

Finally there is a perfect pimple solution

Meet the Sile Skin™ Pimple Patches

Get rid of annoying pimples and blackheads.

  • Cover up with make-up

  • Practically invisible

  • Use while sleeping

  • 100% safe to use

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How do Pimple Patches work?

Step 1

Oh no! Your skin let's you down and you find a big pimple on your face. What do you do now?!

Step 2

No worries! We got you. Simply apply one pimple patch over the pimple and wait for about 8 hours.

Step 3

The natural ingredients work their magic, minimizing the pimple so you have soft skin

The Pimple Patch Kits

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The Occasional User


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The Daily User


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